Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown rocks into a pool of water?  I'm not even talking skipping them; just tossing them in.  They inevitably make ripples.

The other day, I ran into a dear friend who had some wonderful news!  After a career change, a difficult job from which she was eventually let go, and working two part-time jobs to make ends meet, she finally was given her "job of a lifetime," right in her career field.  I was praising God with her, thanking God for His faithfulness.  Along with the pain on this journey, she is already able to see the blessing and the reason for this path, at least in part.

This journey put her in contact with a family whom has become precious to her, a family who doesn't know the Lord.  Through nannying for this family, she has been able to bring Jesus to them in ways they might not ever have see Him.  Praise God!!

I was able to glory with her...because she had shared.  The struggles, the whole journey.  It became part of her testimony.

My responsibility is to see my own life in that way.

I am one to post signs on my fridge:  different scriptures that I have been given to focus on for a time, poems, things I have found posted on the Internet, great quotes, etc.

My latest addition to my fridge is the simple quote:  "Expect Divine Appointments Every Day."

I have been given a certain testimony by the events of my life.  I am the keeper of this testimony, and just like everything else in my life, I need to steward it well.  It's not a contest of whose road is harder, longer, more filled with potholes.  It's a matter of doing everything to the glory of God, even stewarding the testimony.

Sometimes that means me talking in a public and/or personal way about my loss, about single parenting, about what my life looks like now.  Sometimes it simply means keeping on keeping on, for we never know how far the ripples go.

But by neglecting to speak of my testimony when presented with an opportunity, with a divine appointment, is poor stewardship on my part...and could have long-reaching effects on the community of God.

Rather than deal with the might-have-beens, I resolve to steward my testimony, even when painful at times.

I do not know the plans of the Maker of the universe, and I often wonder how He can use a tired, sometimes grouchy, rather ordinary child of His to change the world...but He just might.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. - 1 Peter 3:15b

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